The hard truth about living with Erectile Dysfunction

I always thought I'd be one of those people who were sixty years old and still having sex. I've been with my boyfriend for a long time now and I'm still so insanely in love with him and sexually attracted to him, it's crazy. I want him every single day. But unfortunately, he suffers from erectile dysfunction.

About a year into our relationship, I noticed we were having sex less and less. I figured that the honeymoon stage was over and it happens. But then I started to notice that when we did have sex, it would take him a long time to get hard and he could never stay hard for long. He would just bring me to orgasm and make an excuse that he didn't feel well or something like that. We didn't talk about it but it was the big elephant in the room all the time. We started going months and months without sex. I couldn't take it anymore so one day I just snapped.

I was convinced that buy cialis in Melbourne and he was cheating on me and I started accusing him. He was truly shocked. He had no idea where I was coming from so I finally mentioned the sex problems we've clearly been having. I'll never forget the shame on his face. He told me how he's been having this problem off and on since his mid 20's. He suffers from anxiety and mild depression so he thought that had something to do with it. Naturally I blamed myself and was convinced he was either cheating on me or just not sexually attracted to me anymore. He promised that that's not the case at all and tries to reassure me every chance he gets. I just nod and act like I believe him but it's very hard. I'm very insecure now and our sex life has only gotten worse. When we do manage to have sex, it's very awkward because I'm so in my head and I know he is too. He gets performance anxiety and gets worried if he can't get or stay hard that I'm going to be upset. He's right and it's a mess. 

He's talked to doctors about this in the past but I don't think he's really taken any true steps to do something about this. They tell him nothing is wrong with him and they give him advice on what to eat, how to be healthy and all the things that might be affecting his sex drive but nothing helps. I think he's too far into his head at this point and so self conscious that nothing will ever work. I noticed he got a package sent to the house and I noticed the name on the package so I looked it up and realized that they were pills to help with erectile dysfunction. I found where he hid them and keep track of when he takes them and one night where he took one, he tried having sex with me but it just didn't work. They haven't worked at all. I don't know what we are going to do. This is secretly tearing me apart.

This is one of the worst things about my stupid body. My erectile dysfunction. It all started a few years ago when I was very depressed and had terrible anxiety. I needed up going to the doctor and they put me on anxiety medication which pretty much killed my boners for good. My head was finally feeling better but my weiner was not. I could not even get it up watching porn let alone trying to have sex with my wife when she was in the mood. This lowered my self confidence so much it sucked. I have been dealing with this shit for a few years. It is still worth it to me to take the medicine because the ninety nine percent of the time I’m not having sex I feel good in my head so I guess that is a trade off. I still wish I did not have eretile dysfunction because it sucks to tell people you have a problem when your only in your a days they have plenty of medicine to try out so I may be trying something but I have not yet gave anything a chance. Maybe in the near future I will try something.

Lewis Sacks