5. Get to know more about your box spring

On the off chance that you have a box spring, it likely should be replaced. Old box springs can wear out, or even break, thus causing your mattress damage. Using an old box spring can cause you to void your mattress warranty. Moreover, if your box spring is extremely old, it may be the old springy sort and not the more modern “foundation box spring”. Modern foundations will absolutely change how you sleep and how nice your mattress feels. Take a look at these great pintrest tips for upcycling your old box spring!

What You Don't Know Could Void Your Warranty

The point about voiding your warranty is no small matter. Numerous modern mattresses, particularly memory foam and latex based mattresses, expect you to utilize some sort of foundation underneath to support the mattress. Many of these mattresses even list out the kinds of foundations that will directly void your warranty.

Why? Since bases that don't support your mattress will make it break down quickly. What's more, that would be your fault! While you think the mattress is faulty, it’s actually your fault that you caused unnecessary wear and tear of your mattress and voided your warranty.

Figure 1. You need an appropriate base for your mattress

Why should you use a box spring?

You could be thinking, "Hey! Just to let you know, 'box springs' are obsolete. Why should I care about them?'

You should care because the right foundation/box spring will affect how long your mattress lasts. If you’re the kind of person that jumps into bed, or falls into bed, you might think that it’s just the mattress that you are affecting. But in fact, your mattress AND your foundation lie between you and the floor.

Are you thinking about alternatives to box springs? Take a look at the article to see what this author says.

Your mattress and your research ought to determine which mattress foundation to utilize. I like the research they’ve done over at Mattressnut.

In case you've decided to utilize a box spring, you've agreed to utilize a minimal amount of support under your mattress. While it is an old technology, the box spring is a convenient choice because it has been utilized by many people in the past 40 years. Box springs especially go hand-in-hand with innerspring mattresses. Note that wooden box springs will separate gradually and start losing weight capacity and the ability to support a sleeping pad. Many people who use box springs suggest that you shouldn’t be cheap when you are thinking of buying a mattress foundation.

Resting on an foundation, or a strong set of slats (without braces), is like sleeping on a stage bed (or platform bed). These types of beds will support your mattress and also provide you additional benefits beyond what box springs provide. Slats will disperse your weight better along the length of the bed as well as providing you better ventilation and cooling. Furthermore, foundations are adaptable in that they can support any kind of mattress. While box springs are perfect for innerspring mattresses, slats and platform / stage beds are more versatile. You can also take solace in the fact that they don’t wither and wear down the same way that box springs do.

Figure 2. Consider different foundations when you are buying your mattress

Hopefully you’ve realized from reading this article that if someone realizes that they are waking up with a sore back, it might not be their mattress. It could be their foundation as well!