China battles new mystery virus: What You Need To Know About Coronavirus Threat

Coronavirus is Here

The virus has been in the news a lot lately. It is a well known fact that it can be a very bad illness. How did one get it? Well, they mostlikely went to a place like China and caught it there and then brought it to the United States. Wuham, China has had at least a few hindred cases reported. One man had been transported from his home into the facility of a hospital with people wearing face masks in order to prevent them from getting it. It seems to be easily spread from person to person.

Cases in The USA

There have been some cases of china coronavirus being reported in the United States but they are not as if they are a hige issue, yet at least But we have to take precaution and be careful. There is no twelling how many epople wil be infected with this illness, hopefullynot many more. They will contain it and keep it under control as far as our health officials seem like they are saying so far. But be prepared anyways, buy some face masks if you are a germiphobe and going into a place where you might nt feel safe and you already have an underlying illness. The said number of cases in the USA might keep changing but so far there are not a lot. The World Health Organization does think it is a global health emergency so it is not that contained. China is where you want to pinpoint it to most. Visiting therenow is risky. Take your chances if you ,ust but be very wary.

American Airlines Pilot's Union

These are the folks who are dead serious about suing to stop not all but some of the Vhina flights so we are more protected and so are they and their familaies. I can understand why. This is not a joke, there is some serious matter. Cancellations of flights and the suspensions of them are in progress from that part of the World until an undiscloed time until the virus is halted thoroughly.  This can be a problem for some people who need to travel back and forth or at least one time to that country or backhime to the USA. But safety is more importsnt sometimes and preventing people from getting sick.

Deaths Reported?

As of twelve hours ago, the death toll from the Coronovirus has risen to 170, right now that is what is stated and there could be more casulaities so it is deadly to a point. People can die from this illness so be as careful as you can. The anti-Chinese sentiment is out there too, but we don't want to cause a rash of racism either. That would be irrational and unjust to all. China is the root of the problem but I'm sure most people didn't want to cause it to happen from there. Just listen to thenews and read the reports, that way you will know what is happening and be less afraid of what's to come as far as this ilnness goes.




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